For Tube Owners

My personal message to the tube owners

Tube sites are the most widespread way of sharing (promotional) content and getting adult traffic.

However only a handful of the big tubes are providing a place to affiliates, webmasters and 3rd party companies in their business models.

My goal with this page is to do my best to convince you, the tube site owner to alter your business model and include webmasters and companies like mine in your system, for the benefit of All involved sides.

Below you can read my thoughts on why is it good for you to have "middle men" in your formula, besides you, as an affiliate yourself and the content owners.
This document aims those tubes who find working directly with the sponsor programs/content owners the one and only way to grow their traffic and their business in general.

What you need and what we can help you with is fresh, unique, high quality content with the longest allowed runtime, with proper title, description, tags, and associated models. On a daily basis, for long time. You need the best possible content to make your visitors stay for more and come back often.
Of course you can easily use the sponsor provided content, but it might be overused, old, and you need to add it yourself.
You can also create videos with your in-the-house team, but the capacity is limited, it might be a high cost, and usually it is associated with auto-cuts instead of well-cut trailers.
What is another important factor in working directly with the sponsors is that not all sponsors are willing to let the tubes get the content they want. There are a lot of (smaller and bigger) players in the industry who reject working together with the tubes - at least directly. Their other reason is that they don't have the big background crews anymore who can do this work - because they had to decrease their teams due to the lower income caused by the illegal tubes and file lockers. I am not judging anyone - I just know what they tell me. It is a special thing to be between the 'sides' : having a good relationship and talking
with everyone involved helps me to have a better picture of what they need, what they like or dislike and it helps me develop and grow my business for the best benefit of all involved sides. I am not afraid to say that both the tubes and the content owners are leaving money on the table by 'excluding' affiliates from their current business models.

Your tube's content - most likely consist of such videos [sponsor provided and in-the-house created] along with user uploaded content. The former is usually higher quality, the latter is usually lower quality and needs extra resources to approve/reject the uploaded content.
In most cases, the affiliates/webmasters are only allowed to upload rewatermarked content - if your site is accepting such videos. These are of better quality than the general user uploaded content, but still they are causing copyright/DMCA related struggle. And these issues do not attract google / search engine traffic neither...
Your goal is to improve the ratio between these so more high quality videos appear on your site requiring less (human) resources.

And this is where a company like mine comes into the picture. It is indeed true that we are somehow limited as well as currently we are creating only two dozen trailers a day, but it with this amount we can update dozens of channels for you every single day. What we ask in exchange for this work is to have our own affiliate code for the updated channels.  The main benefits: the Traffic, the returning visitors, the advertising income on these video pages: these all remain yours. This whole thing - in my eyes - is about providing one of the benefits to the affiliates.

This situation is very similar to (picture) gallery submitting which was popular back than: site owners managed the traffic/ads and some of the content [FHGs], but most of the content was provided by individual webmasters. They created custom galleries with unique and fresh content and submitted these getting ALL the links as those links were on their own galleries which were linked as they are. These gallery submitters were 'responsible' for providing the content the surfers were looking and returning for, this was the most important benefit for the TGP/site owners of the cooperation.

In my opinion, with implementing the affiliates/webmasters into your business model would mean:

1) more and better quality content, on a regular basis, for a long time
2) way less copyright issues [no need to struggle with that many rewatermarked content]
3) in overall, the workload caused by approving/rejecting the incoming content is decreasing
4) (better) relationship with the sponsors/content providers
5) the better ratio between the better and worse content is causing your traffic to become more 'sticky' and stay for more and return (more often) which means better productivity and more ad revenue.

This is about stepping towards the symbiosis.

I know that reading such thoughts won't necessarily make you alter your business model. I would just like to initiate a discussion of this topic, and looking forward to make custom deals with you. I am Sure that there can be a way to do business with mutual benefits.

Thank You for reading this.